I will delete all posts that I feel are out of line with the mission of this site. I’m sick of reading drive-by posts on many review sites that consist entirely of insults. This is not the place for you to vent your spleen about the poor service you received at a restaurant the only time you ever went there so will NEVER EVER GO BACK AND THAT RESTAURANT SHOULD CEASE TO EXIST. I find these types of posts to be equally pathetic and hyperbolic. They will disappear from this site as soon as I see them.

This site is dedicated to celebrating those things on and around the Harbor that I like. I would truly love to hear what you want to celebrate about this area. Please use this site as a platform to do so. Do not take the time to post aspersions about the harbor here. Feel free to email me your venom, and if cannot cope without being able to publish how much you truly hate the area that I love, feel free to start a blog of your own.

If, for example, you feel that a restaurant that I review is inferior to another restaurant in its category in this region, tell me why I should visit that restaurant, what you like about it and what other folks visiting this site might also like about it.

Finally, I have no patience for anything that resembles trolling. None. Really.

Sunset over the Pacific

Sunset over the Pacific