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My current policy is to post a link to any local business’s website. A link does not amount to an endorsement from me: I only endorse through reviews. At his site, I want to create a consolidated directory of Grays Harbor websites with a focus on local entrepreneurs.

If a business does not have a web page, I will only post a link to my own review of that business. Many local establishments do not have web pages, so they will not appear on the links list unless I review it personally or until they have a website of their own.

About me:

My wife and I started packing to move back to Aberdeen in the muggy heat that typifies the worst portion of an Ohio Summer. The humidity is one of the very few things that I did not learn to love in central Ohio. I enjoyed what Columbus had to offer, and I treasured taking people on tours of the area when they’d visit. I was passionate about local foods in particular, and I always relished cooking meals for guests using only local goods. I learned about the area from locals that were excited about the region’s history, geography and creative spirit. It was always gratifying to meet people who took pride in the place they lived, in the job they had and in the product they were making. There are a number of things that I will miss.

After the 2500 plus miles drive, after crossing the Mississippi, the prairie, the badlands, the continental divide and the Cascades, we finally arrived on the Harbor. Our home. My wife and I grew up here. I’ve always loved the area, and I feel very blessed to not only be back where I’ve always wanted to be but also to be working at the job I’ve always wanted to have.

This is a site dedicated to celebrating Grays Harbor and the surrounding areas. I am still passionate about local products, and I hope folks will tell me about their favorite places here. I have a lot to learn about the area, and I am excited to start. That said, my posts here will be wide-ranging over time. Restaurants have always been a favorite for me, but I plan writing about everything that I think makes this area so special. Grays Harbor is unique. It is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I retain my passion for local foods, products and produce. I hope to share what I learn about the region’s spirit and creativity from people from our area. I also hope that this will be a place that people can come to share what they want to celebrate about the harbor.

While the content of this site is what I like about the region, please tell me what you think I should review, see or experience. Email me or place a comment in the Suggestion Box.

This isn’t a place where comments like “x sucks” are welcome. I do not want to have the same kind of dismissive comments and divisive arguments that define most review sites out there. Again, please take a look at BEFORE YOU POST before posting at this site.

If I haven’t written about something that you think I should, email me about it.